Community Connections: Baldwinsville

by Kathleen Carney, Commissary

On the 2007 Erie Canal Journey, we were befriended along the way by Gus, a gregarious gentleman from Baldwinsville, who met us at various locks along the way to give us outrageous baked goodies sent by his partner, Mickie. We thought of Gus as we neared Baldwinsville and wondered if we’d see him again. And, I confess, we also wondered if he’d be delivering one of Mickie’s very sweet, very delicious blueberry cobbler-sort-of-thingies that we all loved so much three years ago

Gus in Baldwinsville

Gus in Baldwinsville (photo: Erick Tichonuk)

The answer to all of the above—as you might have guessed—was yes! Gus greeted us at Baldwinsville with a still-warm blueberry cobbler and the offer to help us in any way he could. The next day, he delivered a new treat: “Chocolate Chip Bubble Muffins”—mmmm, good. He drove our Ship’s Carpenter, Kerry, to a hardware store to pick up some supplies, and on the way back to the boat, detoured to a local farm market to buy a couple of dozen ears of fresh sweet corn for the crew. Next, he took Barb and me to the supermarket and dashed through the aisles of what was to us a maze, but to him a familiar store, to find the items on our list.

Gus sent us off on our last morning in Baldwinsville with TWO blueberry cobblers. We never did see the Mysterious Mickie on this trip, but we saluted her with a blast from the Churchill’s horn as we passed her house on the river. And we salute you, too, Gus. Thank you for being such a good friend!

Kathleen Carney


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2 Responses to Community Connections: Baldwinsville

  1. Ev Larsen says:

    Gus looks surpisingly slender and fit. Is he immune to the side effects of Chocolate Chip Bubble Muffins? I know I’m not!

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