Video Blog 2: Celebrating the 4th in Waterford

As a result of high water, we’ve returned to Waterford in time to celebrate the 4th of July. We’ll be open the following times:

Thursday, July 4th: 10-5
Friday, July 5th: 10-5
Saturday, July 6th: 10-8 Fireworks at 9pm (in conjunction with the Steamboat Meet)
Sunday, July 7th: 10-3 (in conjunction with the Waterford Harbor Farmer’s Market)

Stay tuned for an updated schedule!


About Lake Champlain Maritime Museum

The Lake Champlain Maritime Museum is a private non-profit museum located on the shores of Lake Champlain, just seven miles from Vergennes, Vermont. Our mission since our opening in 1985 is to share the rich history and archaeology of Lake Champlain and its surrounding region. We accomplish that through exhibits, education programs, special events, on-water activities, replica vessels, nautical archaeology research, and so much more. Learn more & get involved by visiting our website:
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2 Responses to Video Blog 2: Celebrating the 4th in Waterford

  1. Richard Heilman says:

    We have high water too Most recent instantaneous value: 99.36 07-03-2013 22:00 EDT Create presentation-quality / stand-alone graph. Subscribe to WaterAlert

    More Sharing ServicesShare this graph|Share on emailShare on gmailShare on aolmailShare on facebook

    Daily gage height, feet — statistics for Jul 3 based on 99 years of record more Min (1941) 25th percen- tile Mean Median 75th percen- tile Most Recent Instantaneous Value Jul 3 Max (2006) 94.20 95.45 96.21 96.21 96.76 99.36 99.39

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