Crew Bios

Crew of the Lois McClure

Roger Taylor, Captain
The captain of Lois McClure, Roger Taylor comes to us as a twenty-year veteran of the U.S. Navy, former Editorial Director of the U.S. Naval Institute, Annapolis, MD, and founder of the International Marine Publishing Co. in Camden, ME. He is the author of seven books and many articles on boat design and seamanship. In 1991 he skippered the museum’s first large replica, the Revolutionary War Gunboat Philadelphia II, and has been captain of Lois McClure since her Inaugural Tour in 2004. He now resides with his wife Kathleen on their other canal boat Water Lily in Paris, France.

Erick Tichonuk, First Mate
Erick Tichonuk is the Replica Coordinator for LCMM’s fleet of replica vessels.  These include the Revolutionary War gunboat Philadelphia II, where Erick serves as captain; and Lois McClure, upon which he is First Mate and handles tour logistics.  Erick is also an accomplished scuba instructor, museum educator, and nautical archaeologist.

Art Cohn, Executive Director
Art Cohn is the Executive Director of the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum. He is a professional diver and has coordinated and participated in Lake Champlain’s archaeological projects for the past twenty years. Cohn is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in Maritime History and Nautical Archaeology at both the University of Vermont and Texas A&M University. He serves aboard Lois McClure as a tugboat operator and able-bodied crew member.

Jeff Hindes, Second Mate
Jeff is Second Mate on the McClure and a 7th generation Vermonter whose family once owned a standard canal boat out of Vergennes, the J. G. Hindes. He is also a captain for the Lake Champlain Transportation Company. When not on the water, Jeff  teaches social studies at Champlain Valley Union High School in Hinesburg.

Len Ruth, Bosun
Born Ticonderoga, NY, Len began his career with the museum as a student of Job Corps during the construction of the Philadephia II.  Finding a true passion for the work, he has been with the museum ever since.  His expertise with ropework and rigging have lead him to be the bosun of the Lois McClure, where his skills are truly valued.

Kathleen Carney, Commisary
Kathleen was born in Queens, NY and moved to Maine after college, where she indulged her love of boats. There she met her husband Roger Taylor. She and Roger have been associated with the museum since sailing with Philadelphia II in 1992, and spend the rest of the year aboard a Dutch motor cruiser in France. Kathleen serves aboard Lois McClure as Commissary, handling all the meal logistics.

Kerry Batdorf, Ship’s Carpenter
Kerry became involved as a volunteer with LCMM when the construction phase of the ‘Schooner Project’ began in 2001.  He has since become a seasonal, full-time employee as the Ship’s Carpenter and full-time crew member involved with routine maintenance and voyages of the tug CL Churchill and canal schooner Lois McClure.  He has also worked two seasons as a boat builder on the Champlain Longboats program.

Tom Larsen, Crew
Tom began his career at LCMM, regularly volunteering when he was only 14. Since then he has crewed aboard the replica gunboat Philadelphia II, assisted with educational programs, and is now on board the Lois for his fourth tour in a row. In addition to tending LCMM’s Blog, he is the Social Media Coordinator for LCMM. He graduated from Hartwick College with a BS in Computer Sciences.

16 Responses to Crew Bios

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  3. Tom LaMar says:

    Just admiring your work with our BOPA museum trying to ready for the 2014 Bicentennial in mind.

    • Tom, thanks so much for your comment. LCMM is certainly gearing up for the commemoration of the War of 1812 (and the beginning of 200 years of peace!) We’re working on many potential projects for this, one of which is a traveling exhibit, the highlight of which would be a stop in Plattsburgh. We’re looking forward to collaborating with BOPA to spread the word about this pivotal time in American history.

      All the Best,
      Sarah Tichonuk, Nautical Archaeology & Web Design

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  6. Paul Love says:

    To Rodger Taylor,

    I am wondering if you lived in Wild Rose Shores in Annapolis, Maryland? I lived in Wild Rose Shores with the Rodger Taylor family.

    Paul Love

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